The Drug of Comparison: How to Overcome Your Addiction

Love it!! Definitely needed to read this!

Sup Royalty,

I have to be honest… I recently hit a heavy writer’s block. Overwhelmed by doubt and 0001-26991248self-inflicted sorrow, I had to ask myself, “Girl, what’s wrong with you?” I couldn’t quite put my finger on the cause of my self-pity until I had my quiet-time with God this morning. He assured me that I wasn’t spiraling into a deep depression and that my world would not be coming to an end, but that I was feeling the effects of a powerful drug called, comparison.

It only takes a little bit to get you high, but the side effects are long lasting; trust me. You’ll begin to feel down for no apparent reason, moodiness will occur, and the chills of withdrawal will have you running back to the warmth of your Instagram feed, checking up on God knows who, just to get your next hit. But I’m here to…

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