Graduation Fun

So on Sunday I had my graduation party. I I had such a wonderful time with all my friends and family. We laughed A LOT, danced, ate, talked, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I never realized how many people really love and care about me, it’s amazing. I’m blessed and thankful beyond words for all the people God put into my life who came out to celebrate my biggest accomplishment yet. My mom came up with a lot of the ideas for the party from Pinterest, including the board which has my former education, my accomplishments while in college, and also my plans for the future. There was a graduation cap on the table so everyone could put the cards inside which I though was really cool and creative. We also had a glass jar with my schools colors ribbons tied around and everybody wrote well wishes & advice for me and put it on a sticky note and into the jar. I read the notes yesterday and almost cried, so many nice things! I love getting dressed up, with a nice dress/skirt and heels. I’ve literally had this dress in my closet for a few years with the tag still on it from Forever 21. The entire dress is cream with lace at the top and a tulle bottom. The back of the dress has a deep v. I remember getting my shoes my sophomore year of college before I went to New York Fashion Week. They are nude from Aldo. I wore a gold bangle, pearl bracelets, as well as my three Alex & Ani bracelets from my aunt and my bestfriend. My earrings were ivory flower petals with three pearls on the inside. I always wear this gold ear cuff/ear chain when I go out.  A necklace wasn’t necessary because my dress had a high neck line. This was only my second time wearing foundation. It was from the brand Bare Minerals which I love because it looks so natural and not like my face is full of make up. I used one of my favorite MAC eyeshadow palettes, Amber Times 9. I needed a pop of color, somehow somewhere, so why not my favorite go to lipstick by MAC Flat Out Fabulous. Sunday was a success. I think everyone had a good time. I felt good and looked good too! 


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