Bloomies Attire

Bloomies Attire

At my job I’m required to only wear black bottoms with a black, white (cream/ivory), or pale blue top. I usually wear statement jewelry to make my outfit pop out. A lot of the clothes I wear to work are from Topshop, Banana Republic, and New York & Company. I’ve worked in retail before wear I wear pretty much anything but with such restrictions working in retail you still need to look stylish and fashionable. This draws the customers in and makes your time at work a little bit better. Especially when you look good, you feel good! This is why I put together some outfits that I would wear to work and that may be helpful to anybody else who’s job requires specific restrictions in clothing.

Fit and flare dress
$18 –

Oasis flutter top
$34 –

Jane Norman white tee
$15 –

Victoria Beckham pleated pants
$520 –

Burberry jump suit
$605 –

River Island pencil skirt
$34 –

Christian Louboutin flat shoes

KG Kurt Geiger stilettos shoes
$305 –

Nocturne collar necklace

Bowie cuff earrings
$23 –

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$29 –

Mac cosmetic

Mac cosmetic

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