Memorial Day Weekend

Last night I went to a club called Vango Lounge & Skybar in downtown Philly. I’ve been to this club before after my graduation and had a really good time. The music is always on point and the atmosphere is so chill. One of my friends told me about this Memorial Day party Vango was having on their rooftop Sunday night. You either had to wear all white or all black. At my job I have to wear all black so I would have been easier for me to find an all black outfit since that’s what a lot of my wardrobe consists of. But why would I want to wear all black when I wear that 5-6 days out of the week? I’ve had this all white crop top and all white midi skirt that I ordered from ASOS a few months ago that still had the tags on them. I figured this would be perfect! I went to Aldo to buy a statement necklace. I love Aldo’s shoes but their accessories are amazing too! I’m always able to find exactly what I’m looking for when I go in. Since my necklace was so unique I decided to wear a simple pair of gold ball post earrings. My clutch is transparent in the middle but is royal blue and red and says “Oh Snap”! I saw it on ASOS a few months go and had to have it. It’s so fun and different. The brand who makes it is Skinny Dip and they have a lot cool clutches,phone cases, and other accessories that are out of the norm. Last but not least, my shoes. My shoes are the Marlene nude patent leather shoes by Steve Madden. They are not the most comfortable but I love them! They go with so many outfits in my closet. Every woman should have a pair of nude heels, especially for spring/summer nights. 

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