Summer Daze

Summer Daze

It is such a beautiful day! If I wasn’t at work right now I would definitely be out and about wearing something like this. I’m loving how popular neutral colors are right now. Maxi dresses are great for the summer! They are extremely comfortable and you can slip them right on or off. I need a new pair of tan flat sandals and these would be in my closet if possible. Bucket bags are trendy and so many stores carry them right now. Flower headbands are also trendy so it goes perfectly with the flowly,free feeling of this look. You can wear this on the boardwalk, walking downtown, in the park, and for just a chill time on a beautiful day. 

Tibi dress

Arizona flat shoes

Samantha Wills boho jewelry
$255 – bloomingdales.com

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup
$23 – selfridges.com

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