Graduation Party

Graduation Party

So as you guys know I just graduated college recently. I am having a graduation party next month so I’ve been looking for some inspirations for my outfit. I have been so obsessed lately with all white/neutral colored looks. I actually just purchased a very similar top from ASOS. The deep opening of the arm area of this Versace top gives it just a little sexy.Pleated skirts are favorite of mine. The more I shop lately, the more I see them. The combination of white and nude in the floral skirt makes it simple, but you’ll still turn heads and get questions about wear you bought the skirt from. Another trend is lace up shoes. The Louboutin clutch compliments the shoes, as well as the nude in the skirt. Since this is such a classic look, why not do classic jewelry as well? PEARLS! You ‘ go wrong with them so I incorporated them into this look. The neutral twelve palette eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown gives you colors to choose from that will go with your outfit. Now, with all this white and neutral color I needed to give this look a pop of color, so I decided to go with red. A red lip is classic and sexy. That is my go-to color whenever my outfit is basic and I need something to make it stand out. The lipstick, nail polish, glasses, and phone case all include the red to make you stand out at your graduation party or another event you may be able to wear this.

Isa Tapia nude bow shoes

Christian Louboutin red handbag
$930 –

Chanel silk shawl

Nars cosmetic

OPI nail polish
$19 –

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