The albums I’ve been listening to lately…

All four albums have been on repeat lately. These artists are all different and unique in their own way but somehow how drawn me in. I am a music junkie!!! I live and breathe music. Lyrics mean so much to me, which is a huge reason why “To Pimp A Butterfly” is one of the best albums out right now! K Dot is a musical genius. I recently saw J Cole in concert. I’ve been a fan of his since before Friday Night Lights. His music is deep and makes me think. ” St. Tropez” on his last album means so much to me. I’m getting ready to graduate from college in two weeks and whenever I listen to that song I think about how I have to do what needs to be done to be successful and have a better future, even though it makes me nervous and anxious. Drake..oh Drake! Every women has to love that man because he knows what we want out of a relationship, seriously lol. The beats on his latest album are SICK!! Big Sean really surprised me with this album! I wasn’t the biggest fan of his previous one but his mixtape Detriot is a classic in my book. But “Dark Sky Paradise” this is everything! I love every song on the album, especially the two with Jhene! It is clear the hardwork and dedication that was put into this! I can’t wait for more great, meaningful albums from artist in the near future! (Cough cough, Frank Ocean, whereber he is).      

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