Good Reads

While I was in Chelsea in NY I decided to stop in this bookstore that caught my eye. I love to read, especially when it has to do with fashion or music or anything that interest me. Out of these 5 books I started one and am almost done Jay-Z’s “Decoded” this book has been AMAZING! I am a huge Jay-Z but this man is really talented and smart as ever! This book has given me a different outlook on a lot of things! He’s made me look at certain things from a more business perspective because he really is a great business man. He also breaks down a lot of his song lyrics and explains why he says certain things. Pharrell, I love that man beyond words, so I need to get into his book ASAP! The fashion books inspire me to be more creative and to start building my brand! Refinery29 is one of my favorite companies! They are so creative, funky, and wild. I had to get the book and see what cool ideas I would be able to take and learn from the book! If you’re into fashion, music, owning your own business, and/or styling I would recommend you to take a look at these books! 

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