School Dazed & Confused: How to Beat The Summer Internship/Job Search Struggle

aley arion

Sup Royalty,

Are you checking your email every hour on the hour to see if that job offer you’ve been waiting on has finally come? Have you made your new homepage? Are you in such desperate need of an internship or summer job that you’ve considered putting your morals aside to get it? (too far?) Well, me too! As many of you know, I will be graduating in May and with only 10 days until I cross that stage, sadly, I am without a single offer from ANYWHERE. As I watch my classmates post their graduate school acceptance letters and job offers on Instagram and Facebook, I try my best to suppress all feelings of jealously and comparison that may try to creep up, but I’m only human. I prayed, “Lord, where is my internship? Why haven’t I gotten my offer yet? Where is my blessing?” And, no lie…

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