Solange – Style Slayer

Solange is my inspiration when it comes to fashion. She slays every single time she’s at an awards ceremony or at some other event. I always observe the garments she puts together for inspiration on looks I might want to try when I go out or for looks I come up with on Polyvore. She steps outside the box and does not go with the norm. Mixing patterns is a technic not a lot of people can get away with, it’s hard because it’s so easy for the different patterns to clash but somehow she does it so well. I look at some of her outfits look God if I did that I’d probably look a mess, how did she pull this off? Solange literally wears whatever she wants, regardless of what other people may think. I love it! From her hair to her make-up, it all always comes together so nicely. Neutral colors with a pop of color on the lips is something she does a lot! I just wish I could meet her one day and see her closet because I can only imagine how amazing it is!!!


2 thoughts on “Solange – Style Slayer

  1. Yes! I absolutely love Solange’s style too, she’s def my style icon. I also aspire to be her best friend thus granting me full access to her closet lol a girl can dream, right?


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